Why Yellow letters? Did they sit in the sun too long?

Not really!

Recently I was speaking with someone in Florida last week about doing post card and/or mailers for mobile homes and parks.

We’re all getting a ton of them right now with the latest election in a couple weeks.

You can get lists from several different places. Mobile Home Village www.MHVillage.com will give you a list by state, county, etc. Check it out.

Title companies will give them to you, too.

I live in the Pacific Northwest – West Coast. I’ve done mailers from regular to medium post cards that I printed, to large full color post cards Title Companies printed and I paid them to mail, to letters, to yellow letters with poor, to good, to very good results. Many of you have, too.

Here’s one I ran in 2006/2007.


Bob A in Phoenix is doing very well with large post cards mailed to vacant land owners. Different market than what we do here.

I actually got a standard sized post card in 1974 (dang he’s old) that had a message on one side in what appeared to be black handwriting. The address side had my address on it. It was just like a yellow letter. The message side was printed. Then they just addressed the other side and mail. Nice.

It looked personalized so it got my attention. That’s the point.

Do they still work? Yes they do!

Below is an article about yellow letters. The same way we like hand written bandit signs, we like yellow letters. Garage sale mentality. We think we’re getting a deal. People are attracted to them since they don’t appear mass produced.

Several ways to do mailers.

Mail merge, print and customize, hand write, etc.

It’s also a good way to get your kids and relatives involved to help you with the mailers. Here’s a good rundown on how to do it. Enjoy!

For more info on mobile home investing as a business, check this out… Swift Homes.

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