Tiny or Little Home?

Tiny homes are pretty popular lately. They are 150 to 250 sq ft. Kinda cozy.

Clayton Homes (Warren Buffett) has gotten into building homes now, instead of just selling and financing them.

These are 450-464 sq ft. So almost 2x Tiny home size.

NOTE: They’re not giving them away. And the plans say for 4 people but there is only 1 bedroom.

“Park models” common in Arizona, Florida and across the south are 400 sq ft max by HUD code.

Interesting – one layout is a style called “Salt Box”. Common to New England. I grew up in New England.
Newport, RI to be exact. So saw hundreds of Salt Box style homes.

Salt Box Living Room













Here’s another style called “Low Country”. A style common in the East and South.













Rolling soon into a state near you!

Check it out…

Article here!

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