The Desk!


Consider this…then read the BiggerPockets post at the bottom.

DON’T QUIT YOUR JOB… until you consider these things.

Several years ago, a friend of mine showed me his office and his $30k desk.

Wow, I said, you can get a desk a LOT cheaper than that!

He explained that it wasn’t the cost of the desk but what happened when he quit his job, went full time as an investor and got the office with the desk.


He explained that when he worked a full time job, he had to be very efficient with his time.

Every minute counted. His evenings and weekends had to be busy.

He had averaged about $10k/mo over the past 6 months, so figured it was time to go full time.

He quit his job, got an office with a desk and NOW he’s gonna kill it.

My friend called some of his friends to tell them of his success and going full time.

Wouldn’t you know, one friend took him fishing. One took him for a couple rounds of golf. He helped another buddy move.

Met several of his friends for lunch to catch up and share info about his success.

His wife asked him to drop off and pick up the kids from school. Run by the store and pick up some groceries.

You can see where this is going.

All of a sudden his ‘free’ time was filled up and he wasn’t getting anything done.

So finally, and fortunately, after 3 months of this, he took a hard look at his situation. He decided that he HAD to get back to the efficient production like he did before, and turn out some deals.

The story has a good ending. His business took off again and he started making MORE than he had made before. Far outpacing what he was making as an employee.

Since it took him 3 months to get back on track, he figured the whole process cost him $30k.

It was just a great conversation starter to say it was a… $30k desk.

So before you quit YOUR job and get YOUR $30k desk ….

Please read this – (From a BiggerPockets Post)

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