Take a Risk or Play It Safe?

RiskSo, we were in Las Vegas at the Caesar’s Palace Shops and one of our favorite park managers called.

Told him we were still on vacation. We’d been in Phoenix area, Mesa, AZ for 3 months snow birding it!

He said he had ‘another one for us to look at’. That’s how he calls. Another one to look at.

I told him it would be 3 or 4 days. Can he wait that long? Yes. OK!

So, we looked at the mobile home in a local park. It needs a LOT of work.

My half brother had Down’s Syndrome so I’ve lived with challenged kids.

The family in this home had an Autistic boy. Big boy and VERY destructive.

Lots of holes in the sheetrock walls, bathroom and floor damage.

See video.

Normally, I’d say walk away. Too much work.

I just recommended someone in our group to do exactly that.

Unit he was looking at needed a LOT of work and the finished sales price was low in that park.

In that case there wasn’t enough money in the deal – too much risk.

The park we were looking at has finished sale prices at $45-60k. Much better.

So we’re getting bids to see if it’s feasible.

If we didn’t risk, we’d still be in caves. But running at the lions at the wrong time, can get you killed.

Gotta go but with caution! Updates as we go.

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