How is a squirrel and the Coast Guard similar?

I’ve spoken with too many people who want to squeeze out a deal that is NOT a deal. I’ve been there too.

When we do deals, it’s good to be a finder, not a maker.

What the heck does that mean?

Be like a squirrel. Look around till you find a nut. (No pun intended.)

We find deals by sifting and sorting potential deals. I can’t MAKE deals. I find deals.

Like the old song, The Gambler… “You gotta know when to hold them and know when to fold them.”

Not all deals are deals.

I heard a story this week about business that relates to this.

Still with me?

The Coast Guard gets called to save people having trouble in the ocean. They fly helicopters that only have room for 5 at a time.

One pilot was asked if a boat capsizes and there are 20 people in the water, how do you know who to save?

The pilot said “we save those who are swimming toward us.”

Look for the deals ‘swimming’ toward you. By looking at a bunch you’ll see them. Can’t do them all, nor should we.


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