Save the Cheerleader!

Most people know I’m a sci-fi junkie.

The TV show ‘Heroes‘ has been off the air for 7 years.

They had a line for a while, that went “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World!”

Saving the Cheerleader was the key to the show’s story arc.

I saw this article today and it brought that quote to mind.

We just talked about this on last week’s call.

Building Relationships in order to build your business easier and quicker.









Why? People will call you with potential deals (bird dog referrals).

Whether it’s a resident who visited with her neighbor today and her neighbor said she was “thinking about selling”…
We did a deal that happened just that way in January. It was actually Dixie’s deal!

Or the manager that “just got one and it needs work…” “Are you interested?”
We did that deal too in January. And we’re working on another one right now, that we got the same way.

It’s all about relationships.

“But I don’t like talking to people.”

Well, pretend your job is to give away your business cards.

BUT you have to tell people what you do in order for them to get a card.

2 step process – Can’t just hand out cards.

Two business people meeting for the first time, part of a series.

How fast can you get rid of your cards so you can buy another box?

By the end of the first box you’ll be able to talk to people…

And very likely will have some deals under your belt by then, too!

Save the Cheerleader, Save the World! = Build Relationships, Build Your Business!

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