Project update 5-9-16

Already have potential buyers. They wanted to look today but I pushed them off till next week.

Potential buyers are coming into the park daily looking for homes for sale.

Thank you market and economy!

Affordable housing is at a premium.

Some areas have very high rental prices. If we finance and can keep the space rent and monthly payment under what apartment rentals are… we’re gold!

Affordable Housing

Now for the project update:

* I prefer to get a bid for labor and buy materials myself. Control freak!

* Bought doors – on ‘will call’ for contractor to pick up.

Found a new vendor who has same doors as Home Depot for 1/2 what HD sells them for. Bonus! $35×8 doors. $280 plus tax.

* Same place has laminate WITH underlayment attached for $1.09/ft instead of $0.94 floor plus $0.25 underlayment. 800 sq ft = Approx $950.

* Pulled out laminate. Dump run. (Also included in contractor bid) This can run several hundred dollars.

NOTE: When doing large jobs i.e. roof, carpet, flooring, junk clean out, etc. Sometimes it’s easier and ‘can be’ cheaper to get a half size dumpster.

HOWEVER! Bring in the dumpster in the morning, load it up and have them pick it up the SAME afternoon. DO NOT bring in a dumpster and leave it overnight.

WHY? Dumpsters go by delivery charge PLUS weight. The entire park will find stuff they no longer need (chairs, sofas, etc) and fill the dumpster that YOU get to pay to dump! Don’t pay to dump the park residents’ unwanted stuff. You’re welcome!

* Sheetrock repair in process. See pictures. Materials for this included in bid.

* Got windows today. Discount window place.

* New door locks last week. Always rekey or change out. You don’t know how many extra keys are floating around.

Coin toss. Regular locksmith is $80 to rekey. Usually easier than buying new door hardware plus labor or time. Slightly more $ but more convenient. BUT they don’t go out as far as the park we’re working in now.

One key place local to the park wants $160 for the same work as our normal one for $80.

So we picked up the new door hardware and contractor already changed out.

And … we had a couple bags of barkdust in the back of the house. Someone needed it more than we did, I guess. Disappeared. That happens sometimes. Lock up the valuable stuff inside the house or shed.

See you on the next update!

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