Project completed!

So it took a bit longer than expected. We like to get in and out in 30 days or less. Sometimes we are 6-8 weeks with selling time.

Contractor’s wife got a nasty spider bite and they both lost 2 days. Material delay, several small but unexpected repairs, and a few other items.

We listed and showed it last weekend. Had a few lookers. One offer – kinda…

Had a realtor with a full price offer… but then she said her folks needed to sell their house. Would we take a contingent offer. I said a backup but we need to sell it. Not sit on it.

TIP: I asked the realtor if she would mind ADDING her commission to the asking price? She said no problem.
Point 1 – I don’t want to cut the profit to pay commission if we don’t list it.
Point 2 – Asking price meaning that’s the price. Hint – don’t ask for a discount.

Showing it again today.

Here are some pics.

I’ll post the results on the Facebook page.

So far right at $20k into the project and listed for $59,900.

Latest sales in the park – $40k, $50k and $75k. There were 2 prior in the last few months but couldn’t get an exact sales price.

We’ll see…


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