Are mobile homes on land – personal property or real property?

Q – Someone asked about the basic difference between mobile homes separate and connected to land….
A – Mobile homes on land ‘can’ include the land but don’t have to. It’s case by case.
Mobile homes in parks have a title.
On land the title would be removed if connected to the land. Then it’s treated like a regular house.
But it can also be on land and separate from the land itself.
You can get financing:
1 – for one on land separate from the land,
2 – included with the land and
3 – even in mobile home parks.
The lending requirements differ depending on which is the case.
Hope that isn’t too confusing. It took me awhile to understand the differences too.
Q – In terms of whether the manufactured house counts as real or personal property. Are there any specific advantages or disadvantages to one vs the other?
If it is in a park or on land but NOT connected to land it has a TITLE. It’s considered personal property.
Advantage – bought and sold like a car. Very simple and quick. We’ve bought and sold them the same day several times. No title company needed
Disadvantage – only a few places that will finance them.
If on land or a city lot AND connected to the property:
The title is taken off the mobile home. Then they are considered real property.
Advantage – loans are easier to get. Considered a house equivalent to a stick built house.
Disadvantage – Property taxes can run in the thousands per year, rather than simple personal property taxes, which are $50-$200/year usually. We had one last year that was $18/year.
Disadvantage – more expensive due to the land. Must go thru title company to buy and sell.
If you want to move it later, it has to be separated from the land and re-titled for the move. Then it reverts to personal property again. Not difficult. Done at the county tax assessor’s and DMV.
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