New mileage numbers for 2017

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New mileage numbers for 2017.

  • 53.5 cents per mile for business miles driven, down from 54 cents in 2016
  • 17 cents per mile driven for medical or moving purposes, down from 19 cents in 2016
  • 14 cents per mile driven in service of charitable organizations, unchanged from 2016

You have a home based business now.

Bob and Sally also have home based businesses
They both work a job and have commute mileage.
Bob ‘knows’ that he cannot write off his work commute. His tax person said no can do.
Sally ‘knows’ she has a home based business.
If Sally has a business she may also need or can use a PO box.
I have had the same UPS store for mail since 2001.
UPS and FedEx won’t deliver to PO Boxes?
They will, to boxes NOT at the Post Office.
There are UPS stores, Mailbox Etc, and others in every city.
Sally can get a box close to her work rather than close to her home. Cost is usually $60-$200/year.
Then check her mail daily when she goes to work.
Sally can write off business mileage.
Checking her mail at a PO box or UPS Store is a business expense.
Bingo – Sally’s commute is now tax deductible.
What could this mean for Sally?
Suppose she commutes just 10 miles each way. LOTS of people drive farther.
10×2 (round trip) = 20 x 5 day week = 100 miles per week x 50 weeks per year (2 weeks vacation)
= 5000 miles x 53.5 cents = $2675 in business mileage deductions.
As always, Sally should check with her CPA or tax person.
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