Latest Project Update & Pop Quiz

Pop quiz: See tub pic.

Latest project update. Got a bit behind. Spider bite to emergency room all day for contractor’s wife and him, material delay, help not available.


Anyway should be done this week. Then stage and sell.

Question: sheet rock behind tub had to be removed and redone.


Old tub had center drain. Not available.

Had to get a left drain tub. Drain when realigned, hit a floor joist.

2 options:

1 cut the floor joist (quicker & easier) or
2 space the tub away from the wall (much more difficult and time consuming).

Which would you do?

Extra points for why? Answer on final project post.

20160602_100436_resized 20160602_100337_resized 20160602_100342_resized 20160602_100350_resized

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