I broke my back!!

When working with contractors, get a 2nd and 3rd bid (or 2nd opinion).

I broke my back! WHAT???

I know, right!?

I recently went to the doctor because I was having lower back pain.

I injured it, years ago lifting too much (Superman stunt double) during one strenuous summer of work, with the ice business, we used to own.

He did an x-ray. We looked at it and he explained what it showed…

He explained – “If you look at a back x-ray from the right or left side, you can see potential problems better.”

The individual vertebrae are nicknamed “Scotty Dogs”. So if the x-ray shows a ‘collar’ (middle pic) or decapitated dog (right pic)  you have a crack or fractured vertebrae.

Back 3

So doc showed me that I had a decapitated scotty dog. Broken vertebrae!

LOVELY!! All of a sudden, I got a grab in my gut. I have a broken back?

What the heck am I going to do now? Is he right or should I get a 2nd opinion?


Why do I tell you this?

We just started on a project this week.

I got a bid from a contractor we’ve used before. It was around $13k for a laundry list of work.

It was a 2-part bid. Part for work (he didn’t want to do the paint) and part for inside paint only (from a paint contractor we used on our last project).

So think about this… if the paint is bad or work isn’t right, couldn’t one say it was the other one’s responsibility? YES!


Been there, done that, got that t shirt, right?

TIP: Plus it’s a good idea to get counter bids periodically. Even if you like and work well with your contractor.

Why? Rates can ‘creep up’ if the contractor thinks they’re your only option. Not ‘will’ creep up but ‘can’. Keeps their pencil sharp.

So I called my back up contractor. And we got a bid covering much MORE work and more painting (inside and outside) for LESS money. Both work and paint.

And the same contractor, so all work is included. Can’t say it was the other contractor if something isn’t done right.


And it was about $5k less. Bonus!


So back to the ‘back’ story. No pun intended.

Bottom line, on my back, it was broken at some point in the past. But it had healed and as long as I don’t injure it again, it should be fine.


So…. Just like in the case of the other contractor, I told the doctor “Doc, I hope you don’t take it personal, but I’d like a 2nd opinion.”

He repeated “You want a 2nd opinion?”

I answered “yes”.

He looked at me for a second and said….

…wait for it….

“Well, you’re ugly too!”

What, what??

Although it may not have worked with the doctor, it worked great with the contractors.

Get a 2nd opinion!

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