Rental prices are edging their way up…

High rental prices are itching their way up..

However, in an economy where cost of living continues to increase and wages seem to lag behind. More and more people are looking for more and more affordable housing.

According to this article from ABODO, rent for a 1 bedroom apartment is $1212 and rent for a 2 bedroom apartment is $1442. If the same ‘tenants’ were to pursue a mobile home in a park, park rent is typically $600/mo and a
mobile home payment is around $400/mo.

And this is in an average rent city. Large cities? Forget it! Check the article.

The ‘tenant buyers’ would have their own private home for $1000/mo.

Plus when the home is paid off they only have the $600/mo rent, less than half what a 1 bedroom in a building with neighbors across the wall, hallway, no yard, no private parking, etc., would rent for $1200+/mo!

10% of all U.S. housing is mobile homes. More and more people are beginning to figure this equation out! More and more tenants are going the mobile home route, as apartment prices become less and less realistic.

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