The Guide to Figuring out IRS Schedule E

When I first started my foray into real estate, tax season was horrifying to me. Honestly, I felt stupid when it came to taxes. Taxes have a particular ability to make you feel like you are doing something wrong 24/7! So, when it came to Schedule E on my tax journey, I was as confused as ever.

When you’re alone and scared in the tax system, having sources that can help make things just a little bit easier can mean the world.

Check out this article, by Brandon Hall, on IRS Schedule E tax help. It really helps when it comes to wrapping your head around the concept of the IRS Schedule E.

Brandon does a great job of answering any question you could even conceive when it comes to the process of filling out your Schedule E. He manages to do it in language that is clear, human language and not the disturbing and unsettling language of the Tax Man.

Definitely give Brandon’s article a look, whether you’re brand new to real estate or a HUGE investor, you will definitely find some value in there!

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