Flipping or Flopping?

House flipping has always been two things: hit or miss and extremely popular.

Between the millions of shows that parade happy couples who take on big DIY projects to unending articles advertising the 42% profit margin, you can’t swing a cat in the real estate business without hearing something about house flipping.  However, more and more house flippers are facing more and more problems. Here are two really common concerns in the house-flipping industry:

  1. House flipping has become so popular that the demand is exceeding the supply. Too many people dream of getting rich quick on a good flip. The bottom line: we are running out of rundown properties to transform into HGTV miracles.
  2. The profit margins are actually shrinking. They’re down to about 38%, which is an optimistic number, considering it doesn’t factor in the rising cost of renovation and remodeling, as supplies themselves become more expensive.

These are also the exact two reasons why I promote the mobile home real estate business versus stick houses.  

I’ve been able to buy a mobile home and re-sell it for a profit without even seeing it in person.  I don’t know anyone who has ever been able to do that – or want to do that – with a stick house.

It’s also not an overly saturated market, all of those flippers are turning a blind eye to the mobile home business.  Instead, they are focusing on flipping luxury homes. Sure, luxury homes are a safer bet when it comes to investing, but they come with a huge caveat: you have to have the money!  Affording the startup costs for a luxury flip is no easy feat.

Mobile homes allow you to start with little to no money upfront.  

If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can create your own income with little to no money down by buying and selling mobile homes, click here to sign up for a free video series. You’ll learn more about how, and why, I walked away from the traditional real estate world and how I have never lost a dime in the past 6 years investing in mobile homes.  

Mobile home sales isn’t new.  Whether the stick built real estate business is strong or weak, people ALWAYS buy mobile homes!  Always! It’s affordable housing and it provides much better value for people than rent receipts!

I can help you get started on the path to mobile home success… just don’t tell all of the other flippers!

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