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I was a rookie and just starting out real estate investing several years back. I wasn’t sure which way to go. What if I mess up? What do I do next? What if I lose money? Who the heck do I ask without sounding stupid?

To help others I put together this set of FAQs on some of the common and maybe not so common questions that new folks, including me, want to know.​

Why Manufactured/Mobile Homes vs Stick Built real estate?

Why now?

What do they do?

Economics 101 - Supply and Demand - With more renters, rentals get scarcer and scarcer. Landlords know this and raise rents with the scarce market.

How do people get a break?

Any mobile home?


What about trailer trash, low life, crack alley, etc.


Why not rent an apartment?

Sounds great. Can I make money doing this business?

3 recent deals each netted well over 400% annual return on investment. Try that with a stick built home!

How Come?

Do I need a lot of money?

What tools or skills would I need?

How big is the market?

Where can I learn more?

Why should I listen to you?