Kind of Excited!

Kind of excited!

New deal, new park.

AGAIN!! This is ANOTHER park that initially told us they didn’t allow “flipping” in the park.

Nicely, we don’t take no for an answer.

We (Dixie) and I made an offer on a unit in the park. Talked to the manager and said we were looking to buy one of the ‘homes’ in the park and how do people qualify? During the conversation, we said we didn’t plan to move into it. He asked what did we mean?

We buy, fix them up and sell to park approved buyers. And we will finance them, too.” The park has had people do that but they lived in them. One couple did 5. We really don’t want that if you aren’t going to live in it.”

Nice conversation later, in which we mentioned that we have done them in several parks in the area. 9 in a park just down the street. Showed him some pics on Google photos. The manager after 15 minutes or so, said I‘m fine with it if the owner approves. Next morning at 9:30am called and said we were good to go, but I’d have to qualify like any other resident.

When I turned in the application he said he was kind of excited!” I asked him to say more. He said they’ve had people fix them and live in them but never had a flipper. They have over 170 lots and get several each year that need to be fixed up but there has been no one to call. If this works out OK we’ll have several a year I will refer to you.”

I’m kind of excited too now.

New deal, new park.

We closed on it Saturday and start work next week. Should take about 3 weeks to do the rehab.

Moral of the story: Never take NO for an answer.

Did Iever mention that we love park managers?

Google photos folder that we show (you can create one too and show them to prospective park managers).
Here are some of the projects we can do.

A Few Projects by Swift Homes

Bonus – this home is 4 lots away from the clubhouse, which includes an indoor pool and Jacuzzi, next to “the park” in the park, the mailboxes and extra parking right there. Nice!

Have fun!

For more info go to Swift Homes

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  1. Jesse Loftin
    Jesse Loftin says:

    Well I’m excited to know that for as long as you’ve been doing this you still get excited however I’m still skeptical in this area about such deals, speaking of the Gulfport- Bay- Waveland area , I don’t think I’ve even seen one trailer park that look as nice as the parks you post about in your case studies. That doesn’t mean I don’t believe that they don’t exist here but I’ve been here since the second grade and am now 49, so I’d love to get in on some of the process and be a case study however just as many other people I’m sure I don’t have the funds to get the info needed to get started

    • admin
      admin says:

      Different parts of the country may have different kinds of parks. My wife and I have owed a few in Mesa, AZ where they were all 400 to 800 sq ft. LITTLE! I just looked and in your area there area a lot of single wides. You can make a good living buying and selling single wide mobile homes. Just have to buy and sell them at lower prices. Used car dealers do fine with used cars vs new cars. You could too.


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