Behind a Keyboard or Face to Face?


I share that some of our best project deals have come from face to face negotiating.

But Bill! But Bill! I can cover more ground if I shoot them an email or market by mail!

You can definitely cover more ground. But I’d rather get some deals than cover more ground.


I always prefer face to face, toe to toe, across the table or sitting in their living room and asking how I can help solve their challenge.

YES!!!! It’s scary to do that until you get comfortable. But most businesses are people businesses.

Even if you sell stuff on Amazon and never meet your customers, you still have to get reviews to grow that business. So you need to contact buyers and ask them for a review if they were happy with their purchase of that kitchen spatula or yoga mat.

Even THAT is a people business? Can’t get away from it!

Along that line, I saw this article passed along from a gentleman who has a PhD.

Lord knows I never got that far in school. Barely graduated high school and later got actually interested in school and got a Bachelor’s in Business. But in my 30s not right out of high school.

So if a PhD says something I’m apt to at least listen to it. Here’s what I saw today.

Now to be fair the article is NOT real estate related but the idea is there.

You decide… Keyboard or face to face?

For your viewing pleasure!

Article here!

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