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Got a question about Mobile Home ads and listings.

Coincidentally got this email Monday. (Click link to read article)…

But, we all know… there are NO accidents! And I don’t believe in coincidences.

A Bandit Sign is our #1 favorite local marketing tool. See examples.
Pro: Easily seen and very noticeable. If you’re not using them, you might want to try.
Some you can use again. “Open House”, “We Buy Houses” or “We Buy Mobile Homes”.











Con: Costs can be $2+ per sign and stake. No big deal, just a cost.

Some get one use only. “All redone. 3 bed/2 bath new carpet/floors/etc. Space 16”









Craigslist (CL) is the main source for most of our contacts.

Pro: Free and most people go there a LOT.
Con: Rolls off in a day or 2. Sometimes hours if it’s a busy area and category.

However, Zillow is right behind it. They have a lot of ideas to assist with ads. See email below. It’s for rentals but you get the point.

We use ‘Make Me Move’. It is used for people who don’t “need” to move but if you can meet their price, they will.
Plants the seed – don’t ask for a discount cuz you have to meet MY price! Right? I like that.
Pro: Free
Con: Not much

For paid ads: Mobile Home Village is the best for us. We do the $99 mid-range plan.
Pro: Stays up until you take it down. $99 plan shows at the top of any search in that area.
Con: $69 doesn’t show on all searches. Not as common as CL. But good site.

Mobile Home Bay is another site.

Trulia is another site. HOWEVER… You have to think like your customer. Our customers are not savvy online geeks, for the most part. Most don’t know what Trulia is or does.
Trulia – Isn’t it a lie detector site?
Pro: Free
Con: Not well known or used.

Craigslist and Zillow are the lead dogs for ads.

We have several examples of successful ads and ad templates in the course.

Happy hunting!


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