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Kind of Excited!

Kind of excited! New deal, new park. AGAIN!! This is ANOTHER park that initially told us they didn’t allow “flipping” in the park. Nicely, we don’t take no for an answer. We (Dixie) and I made an offer on a unit in the park. Talked to the manager and said “we were looking to buy […]

Mobile Home Investors: A Checklist to Ensure Profitability

Investor Checklist When investing in a mobile home, the main thought running through every investor’s mind is “what will my return be? Can I be sure to make a profit on this property?” Although several factors affect the final number, one thing must never be overlooked: Know the property’s current and After Repair Value (ARV) before making […]

10 Proven Steps to Optimal Lead Generation

10 Proven Steps to Optimal Lead Generation What do all successful entrepreneurs in mobile home investments have in common? They’ve mastered how to create a booming marketing plan: generating quality leads like clockwork. According to this article written by Paul Esajian, successful real estate investor and co-founder of FortuneBuilders, there are two important qualities which […]