Are You Reaching For Your Goals?

One of the things I see that make it really hard for some folks to build their business is NOT the mechanics – instead, it can be as simple as knowing how to achieve a goal . . . so I thought that if that’s you, I’d share the process today (and if it’s not you, this email’s not for you, just close it)

Here’s the process:

1) Determine EXACTLY what you want to achieve specifically. Be very detailed about it – what IS your goal?

2) Make a list of EVERY thing that has to happen to achieve your goal.

3) Next to each item write “know how to do” or “don’t know how to do”

Each item you don’t know how to do, when you get to it you will have to learn – either take a course, hire an instructor, buy a book, etc.

4) Write next to each item how long that thing should take (for example, 2 days, 3 months, and so on)

5) Once you have the timing down, write down when you will do that step (Monday the 9th, by September 1, etc.)

6) Now simply start DOING each step according to your schedule. At the end of the time frame during which you have scheduled that item, you will have completed that step. And when all the steps are completed you have completed your goal!

7) If you know the story of Big Rocks. Do the BIG HARD tasks first! The easier ones will get done.

8) Stay busy. Busy people get more things done.

9) Have fun!

10) 2 rules – 1) Don’t sweat the small stuff! 2) It’s all small stuff!

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