2016 Phoenix MHI MasterMind

On March 19-20, 2016 35 manufactured home investors came together in Tempe, AZ. For 2 days, we sliced and diced higher level strategies related to manufactured home investing (MHI).

Folks came from states including Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Texas, Nevada, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Kansas, Florida, even Victoria, BC, Canada! We even had 3 people from as far away as Phoenix and Mesa, AZ!!


So we could sharpen our skills and get better at what we do.


habitIn the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey…

The 7th habit is “Sharpen the Saw”. Hone your skills, get better at what you do.

Two woodsman were tasked to saw down 2 identical trees.

1 worked on his tree as fast and as hard as he could without taking a break.

The other sawed at a slower and steady pace and stopped occasionally to take a break.

At the end of the day, the one who stopped occasionally had his tree all cut down and in small pieces all stacked up nice and neat.

The other, cut his tree down by the end of the day but ran out of time to cut into smaller pieces and stack.

He asked the other how he was able to stop and take breaks and still beat his fast and furious work.

The other corrected that he wasn’t taking breaks, he was sharpening his saw occasionally, so he could saw more efficiently.


What did we discuss?

2016 Goals

Lead generation techniques…

IRA – How to invest within an IRA…

Money Partners – How to approach and present the opportunity to make money with us… (PowerPoint presentationsincluded in the MHB program)

Loans in Parks – Interview with a broker who ONLY does manufactured home loans in parks…(video included in the MHB program)

Several examples of manufactured home rehabs

Several attendees presented what they are doing and how…



How to get OUT of your comfort zone…

We set a thermostat to keep the temp between 62 and 69 degrees.

When 65 everything is great. But if it gets to 70 the AC kicks on to bring the temp back DOWN to below 69.

Similarly, when the temp get to 61 the heat kicks on to bring it back UP to above 62.

We all have a financial thermostat called our Comfort Zone.

If we are used to making $30k/year, $60k is uncomfortable.

Human nature is to slow down, or cool thing off like the AC to bring us back DOWN to $30k.

Conversely, if we are at $25k we heat things UP to $30k.

You’ve probably heard of $ multi million lottery winners or a LOT of sport stars – football players, boxers, etc.

A few years after winning, ‘most’ of them will be broke or deep in debt.

They don’t know how to handle the dramatic income change and crash and burn financially.

So – as we make more money, we have to somehow learn to adjust our thermostat and be comfortable at $60k, $100k, $150k, etc.

If not, human nature is to ‘get back’ to our area of comfort.

How do we do that?

Goals, affirmations, education, sharpen your skills, etc.

So several of us got together and shared ways to increase our business and improve our situation.

From feedback, 33 out of the 35 want another one ASAP.

Kinda like trading in your hand saw for one of these bad boys …


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