Why Yellow letters? Did they sit in the sun too long?
Not really! Recently I was speaking with someone in Florida last week about doing post card and/or mailers for mobile[...]
Mobile Homes?? Really?
Yeah really! New evidence shows manufactured homes appreciate as well as site-built homes! What? Just read another pro mobile home[...]
Wanna Do Rehabs? Learn Some Woodworking Skills!
Find 'Em, Fund 'Em, Flip 'Em... ...sometimes includes "Fix 'Em"! But, not everyone is handy. I can fix simple stuff[...]
Trouble On The Horizon – Or Is It?
A friend of mine, who is a doctor, and has nothing to do with manufactured homes, sent me an article[...]
17 inches
I recently heard this story and thought it should be shared. We can complicate the business, cut corners, scam people[...]
Knock knock!
This one is kinda interesting… So we got another bird dog referral deal. Which means there is no ad, no[...]